Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cocktail stars’ favourite cocktails

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Gautam (Saif Ali Khan) and Veronica (Deepika Padukone) pick their favourite poison, while Meera (Diana Penty), a teetotaller, sticks to her mocktails. Here’s what the Cocktail duo has to say on popular drinks: Long Island Iced TeaGautam: That’s a short cut to a very fast night! 
Veronica: It’s designed for only one thing; to get you very, very high! Why waste time, let us get right down to it and have a rocking party.
MojitoGautam: It’s a steady drink; the kind you’d have when you are with your girl, watching her and looking after her. It’s not going to get you tipsy or high. The rum, mint and lime keep it refreshing.
Veronica: It reminds me of summer parties, girls and guys on the beach; very flirty, very fresh and very harmless.
Bloody MaryGautam: I love to drink it in the day to spice up my afternoon brunch.
Veronica: Bloody Mary is bloody intense yaar! I love the spicy, tangy element of it but not fond of the tomato so much. It reminds me of soup!
CosmopolitanGautam: Ordering a cosmopolitan for a girl is a guaranteed conversation starter.... It’s a guarantee for much more, but let us leave it at that.
Veronica: It’s a rich b***h drink. You’ll see all the snooty, dressed up girls with the cosmos and even though you’ll mistake me for one of them, I’m so not a cosmo drinker! Tequila does the trick for me.
Cocktail starcast
Martini Gautam: When you date a dumb blonde and want to keep conversation to the minimum, then a Martini always works. Ideal for girls who are high maintenance.
Veronica: I’ve only seen the very careful, quiet girls drinking them. I think people who drink Martinis take themselves too seriously!
Pina ColadaGautam: What’s that? Is that a real drink?
Veronica: Eww! It’s the ultimate sissy drink. It’s like a smoothie. Very boring girls’ drink . I’ve never tried it.
DaiquiriGautam: For when I want the little girl in me to come out!
Veronica: Fruit punch! Better to not come for the party then to sip on Daiquiri.  

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