Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I love Karan unconditionally and trust him blindly: Kareena

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The last few days have seen dramatic changes in Kareena Kapoor's professional life. She's been playing musical chairs with producers and projects.

A segment of the media is still debating whether she walked out of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Ram Leela or if she was caught unawares with certain other developments there. And the people around Bebo say she did what she did because she had an ace up her sleeve.

Beaming like a Cheshire cat, Bebo says, "I knew that I was stepping into Dharma Productions' next directed by Punit Malhotra opposite Imran Khan. However, I was waiting for Karan (Johar) to make the official announcement." Exactly a month ago, TOI broke the news of Imran and his I Hate Luv Storys director Punit Malhotra joining hands for their second film. The report also mentioned that Karan and Punit were looking for a heroine to team up with Imran. Guess they didn't look too far. Their search ended with Bebo, one of Dharma's favourite girls. Says Karan, "Imran and Kareena have been finalised for Punit's next directorial venture... their on-screen chemistry coupled with Punit's commercial expertise of handling a love story makes this film immensely exciting to all of us. Imran and Bebo are practically in-house talent for us and so this feels like a home film in every way."

Reciprocating Karan's sentiments, Bebo says, "Dharma is family. With every film that I do here, I just feel the bond growing with everyone in that office. I love Karan unconditionally and trust him blindly. But why I'm truly excited about this project is because I will be uniting with Imran and Punit. While Imran and I shared a terrific chemistry in Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu, Punit and I have known each other for a decade. He is my designer Manish Malhotra's nephew and in that sense, I feel close to him. Also I like his sensibility as a director and I think Karan, Imran, Punit and I will not only make a good film together; these guys will also let me boss over them."

Imran isn't sure whether he's going to let Bebo bully him. But he admits that teaming up with her in the same year of EMAET is a bonus. He says, "I'm really excited with the dream team we've assembled. Having worked with Bebo in EMEAT, I know first-hand the value she brings to a film. This film is going to be a whole lot of fun." Over to Bebo for the last word. Says she, "We're going to make a commercial mainstream masala film; something I'm looking forward to. Honestly, I'm up for the challenge and am raring to go."

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