Monday, August 26, 2013

Saif is same post marriage: Kareena Kapoor

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Actress Kareena Kapoor feels marriage to actor Saif Ali Khan has not changed anything in her life and she hopes the Nawab of Pataudi also remains the same. Bollywood star couple Saif and Kareena tied the knot here in October last year after a five-year courtship. "Saif and I were in love and we decided to get married. For us everything is same. Things are going great (in married life). It is just the same even while I was dating Saif... Things are going amazing. Saif is same as before, hopefully he will never change," Kareena told PTI.

"For media and people, it (marriage) seems like a big thing. But in real life it is not like that. There have never been any restrictions. We are surprised when people ask what is the difference after marriage, we fail to understand this as there is no difference. He is in America and we were talking about this thing... it seems surprising," she said.
Though Kareena feels things are same post marriage, there is usually an added responsibility after marriage but for her, singlehood and married life is more or less the same. "Since childhood I was a responsible girl. There was responsibility of the family... First of my mother, then my sister Karisma and now Saif's responsibility. But he (Saif) is pretty much on his own, he is a responsible person, he's quite mature," the 32-year-old actress said.
Kareena believes in giving equal importance to love and work in her life. "Both (love and work) are equal for me. I have been balancing things. I am an actress who has been open about my relationships. There is nothing wrong in falling in love. "I don't know why people associate love with your career? I don't understand why people ask this? Because love is like the way you breathe air... You love your mother but still you work. I love my mother, family and I still work," she said.
Kareena Kapoor

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